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Lochwood Branch Library Friends, est. 1996 as Casa View Library Friends

During the summer of 1996, Casa View Library was closed for remodeling. And yet, in response to a call for support from librarian Mary Lee York of the Casa View Public Library, neighbors from the East Dallas community gathered to form an auxiliary group in support of Casa View Library.

On July 31st, this group met and, with a $300 contribution, funded the IRS filing of Casa View Library Friends’ (CVLF) nonprofit charter. Four months later, these active volunteers had grown to 54 members and doubled their original donations.

Casa View Library re-opened on February 1st, 1997. By then, Casa View Library Friends had purchased new books, audio books, and children’s musical instruments. By spring, CVLF had raised $2134, made library donations of $1,273, and was planning their first book sale. The group is still thriving and bringing meaningful support to the library.

Founding Members of Casa View Library Friends

The Casa View librarian in 1996 was Mary Lee York. Some members of the first board were: Doris Robinson, Lucielle Ruthford, Willard Ruthford, Naomi Baca, Sylvia Baron, Ken Brack, Terry Burnett, Bobbye Coleman, Vickie Deakins, Rosie Meysenburg, Betty Holcomb, Patricia Major, Eugene Meysenburg, Neva Muller, Rosemary Rouse, Catherine Shotland, and Dorothy Totzke.

The first officers elected were: President Bobbye Coleman, Vice President Willard Ruthford, and Secretary/Treasurer Gene Meysenburg.

Presidents of Lochwood Library Friends

Bobbye Coleman
Sara Adams
A.J. Brown
Myrna Gorchoff
Alison Craft
Pat Kelcher
Max Frey
Sue Ramirez

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