Opening Day

Rex Kare at Lochwood Library

Sculptor Rex Kare at Lochwood Library Opening

Lovely new space

Lochwood Branch Library is a 19,000 square foot green building, incorporating energy-efficient lighting, organic landscape materials and native horticulture. The facility opened with 70,000 books, and there are over 20 computers for patron use. A theater, public meeting space, classrooms, and 100 parking spaces make this new library an important community asset.

Transcendent words

Two lyrical, airy structures by Dallas artist Rex Kare, celebrate the written word. Interlacing swirls of what appear to be ephemeral ribbons of paper float along the lofty ceilings of the new Lochwood Branch Library.

Inscriptions course along the sculptures’ surfaces. The large piece, in the main hall of the library, is covered by alphabets in various languages from across the world. An entryway sculpture is based on William Blake’s 18th century collection of poetry, Songs of Innocence.

The installations reflect the thoughtful design of the space; using recycled materials that are indoor air quality certified (GreenGuard). Meticulously crafted by Mr. Kare, each piece required careful, multi-step construction and special equipment for heat processing.

Kare teaches figurative drawing and painting. He holds a BA from University of Dallas and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art. This was his first public installation. These sculptures were commissioned by the City of Dallas, Office of Cultural Affairs. Rex Kare’s web site


Lochwood Library is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certified. The building benefits from substantial conservation principles such as ambient natural light, captured rainwater irrigation, native plantings and furnishings that are fully manufactured from recycled materials.

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