Freedom Quilt Codes

MAR 16, 10:15 at Lochwood Branch Library
Local artist, VET, welcomes you to participate in a series of quilting workshops, entitled Freedom Quilt Codes, to be held throughout the city of Dallas. Come create quilting blocks from fabric using traditional symbols and techniques, as you learn the hidden codes used by slaves and abolitionists.

African American slaves used many disguises, signals and codes to navigate the Underground Road to freedom. Quilts with patterns of secret codes, words, signs were stitched into fabric squares to pass hidden messages to and from slaves on their journey. Slaves who were escaping and those who were helping them in this very dangerous flight, were subject to fines, imprisonment and/or physical punishment if caught. Very few quilts survived over the years due to harsh lye soap and grueling wear and tear of the outdoor elements. Patterns and designs from modern day quilters preserve their memory as they retell the stories of those brave individuals who risked their lives in search of freedom.

These are FREE workshops but you must register here to attend: