Setting LEED Gold Standard in Texas

The West Irving Library that opened in the spring of 2011 is the first library in Texas to earn LEED Gold Certification thanks to conscientious construction and a multifaceted approach to conserving and capturing energy.

It is a Net Zero Energy Library. This means that the building generates as much electricity as it consumes on an annual basis. At times, it feeds power into the grid.

It was named a finalist in the Dallas Business Journal’s Best Real Estate Deals in the Green Project category.

LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council is still a rare level of achievement that uses a strict set of evaluations, and energy use is assessed over time.

This development includes geothermal wells and solar power panels as major components of its power-wise strategy. Most of the solar panels are incorporated into the site as shaded parking – a very nice bonus for visitors in Texas’ summer heat.

The geothermal heating and cooling will save about $60,000 annually. Many best conservation practices were applied in the property. Drought tolerant landscaping, partly-recycled building and decorative materials, electric car charging stations, even recycling of construction waste was part of the strategy.

The Texas State Energy Conservation Office offset the solar system costs through a $1.1 million grant, and citizens of Irving voted for an energy conscious bond proposal. The library showcases detailed information about this project in the entryway on site.

Irving West Library
4444 W. Rochelle Blvd.
75062, TX 75062